Lory Marchese

I am about to introduce myself in a traditional way. why not? I am blogger and tourist guide with the passion for travelling, so far I visited more than sixty countries all over the world. I love archeology and the exploration of far or near “worlds”, of stories related to nature and  culture.

I appreciate good practices that highlight the search for beauty and for what makes us feel good in our heart and soul, in tune with the rhythm of the universe.

I love to share my knowledge by narrating it during the tours; as well as during my trips I like to use the social media,  my videos, pictures and writings,  to share the emotions that nature, culture, life stories, art (with its various forms), give me.  It’s great to help my son to appreciate all this.

I am literally Italian, born in the center of Italy, in Rome, from my father born in south Italy and my mother in the north. where do I live? In the South of Italy. How long have I been living in the south? more than half of my life, except for the periods I spent abroad  working, training or on holiday.

My zodiac sign is sagittarius. I was born on December 6th at 6:30 am,  yes I like to wake up at dawn when the colors and nature have a beautiful energy, it was at dawn the first time I opened my eyes to the world ready to explored it ☺

About my education and Job

In Rome I graduated as a tour operator. My favorite subjects? Geography, art history  and foreign languages:  ​​english,  spanish, french…. subjects that are so popular with those who are a bit of an explorer, an artist, an actor.

But I felt that my graduation was not enough for me and while I was working in tourism and nautical field I graduated in International Sciences at the University La Sapienza of Rome, with the idea of ​​becoming a tourist guide (in 2004) as well as a journalist, travel blogger .

It was not easy to work as free lance guide in the museums as Mann or Pompeii, as well as to  organize  walking, kayaking, scuba diving tours to promote local tourism and at the same time to be mum.

About my blog

In 2018 I created my blog www.lorymarchese.it dedicating myself with more and more energy to the enchanting world of social media and integrated communication, instagram, youtube, facebook, linkedin, twitter still in process.

In my blog you will find pictures or videos about tours, my travels or my family, projects, lifestyle, as well as my personal diary and reflections about the things I have done.

Follow me so you will  be updated about  the coming out of my first ebook   “Travelling in the land of the Myths with children”

If you look for me on whatsup at +39 339.41.95.725 you will always find me, as well as mailing me at info@lorymarchese.it but give me the time to reply because the rhythms or time zones are different. Stay tuned and thumbs up!