On the second Sunday in September, about 100 cyclists aged from 5 to 80, of all skill levels came from around Naples Pozzuoli Bacoli Quarto to roll through The coastline of the Phlegraean Fields starting from Pozzuoli on streets totally free of cars. For one day, the roads, the tunnels, the landscapes were ours, —there’s no better way to experience the ancient roman Phlegraean coastline west of Naples.

Produced by the local citizens supporters of Percorsi Cumani and other associations in conjunction with the event of Malazè  XII, Fiab – Cicloverdi, the Cities of Pozzuoli and Bacoli, Decathlon Giuliano,  BIMBI IN BICI BIKE TOUR is the biggest charitable bike ride in the west area of Naples,  helping the mission to build the -BIKE PATH-GREENWAY-from Naples to Bacoli mainly along the beautifull coast facing the underwater city of Baiae, the ancient roman Port of Pozzuoli,  the 2000 years  Imperial Baths and  estates (villas) of ancient  roman times Baiae, Bauli and Misenum (info to visit the archeological sites of Bacoli and Pozzuoli +39 -339.4195.725   mail: info@lorymarchese.it)

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